The New Technology of Consciousness

By Peter Kelly and Edited by Swami Jaidev

Tucked up in the northeastern hills of Georgia, an exploring scientist, working out of a geodesic dome laboratory, made some startling discoveries. Bringing his electrical engineering background and his acquaintance with scaler physics to bear upon his task of tuning into the sound secrets of the universe, Peter Kelly ventured into the mysteries of creation and manifestation and discovered how human consciousness interfaces with matter. Even more, he patiently composed instruments that could receive and broadcast his growing understanding of the marvel of sound for human benefit. Encouraged by meeting Swami Rama, who quietly assisted him, Pete forged new paths in the field of radionics and ‘subtle energy’ research.

About thirty years ago, my friend urged, “You should come meet Swami Rama.” Taking Justin O’Brien’s urging, I got in my car at the appropriate time and went down to Glenview, Illinois. The Swami opened his greeting with “Did you bring a tape recorder?” This was Swami Rama. I said, “No.” He said, “Go back and get a tape recorder and come back tomorrow.” I said, “Okay.” I got in my car and drove the 80 miles back to Burlington, Wisconsin, where I lived. At that second meeting, I unexpectedly received a mantra. I was now in the clan and that started me on a lifetime of research into sound.

Now I don’t know how closely you listen to the Swami stories and traditions connected with Swami Rama himself, but he is the Swami of sound. His whole tradition is based on sound. Not just mantras but all the derivations of voice and singing that produced different frequencies which constitute sound. And what’s unique especially about his voice as compared to other people is the richness, the fullness of it, so that he’s speaking in many frequencies at one time where most of us tend to be mono frequency or in a very narrow band. When he speaks the whole spectrum opens. When he speaks or says mantras, they evoke certain responses in those around us because as humans there are certain frequencies or trigger points to which we correspond when contacted.

To understand this phenomenon, consider, for example, that encircling the earth is a wave of energy that vibrates throughout the atmosphere at a frequency of 7.83 cycles per second. We walk through it all the time. This standard movement is known as the Schumann resonance and the cycles are known as Hertz (Hz) waves. It also turns out that those who have developed a certain sensitivity, as it were, genuine healers, and those sages when they are speaking from their wisdom point---even artists, writers, and craftsmen when they are focused from their point of creativity---in that special state of awareness where they are connected internally to that which we might call the creative consciousness or the sense of divine from within, then they exhibit in their brain wave frequencies a prevalence of 7.83 cycles per second. No doubt it will be the overriding frequency in spite of other frequencies reverberating in the biology of their person.

We are Walking Frequencies

In brain wave frequencies it’s commonly accepted that four variable phases of frequencies prevail. The quietest frequency is called delta, actually 0 to 4 Hz, our sleep state. Next is the theta brainwave frequencies from 4 to 8Hz, the creative state. Then alpha, which is roughly from 8 to 13 Hz, the relaxed state, while everything more is tagged the beta frequencies, the busy mind. We conduct our life, occupied as we are, mostly in beta. The alpha seems to be ordinary meditation for most of us. The theta is creative consciousness, the doorway to higher consciousness, while delta is ordinary sleep.

Now to be able to subsist self-consciously in multiple states at one time is the way to address all aspects of our being. And you do that by working in specific frequencies in each of these states. An artist may be up and awake and doing sundry things. But if he consciously is in theta, he’s connected to his creative point at the same time. Brainwave frequency detecting equipment that is capable of multi channels demonstrates that occurrence in people. We worked a lot with bio-feedback over the years to confirm the presence of various frequencies within the human person.

From my analysis of the recording of Swami Rama’s voice, I was surprised to find so many frequencies contained therein. My understanding is that everybody who is given a mantra receives special frequencies from the tradition through Swami Rama. Of course these frequencies produce various effects in the person.

The Universe is Essentially a Sound Produced Reality

Interestingly, in the myth of creation of the first book of the Tora, one finds “In the beginning was the word.” But the implication of this phrase goes beyond speaking. What you really have to understand about this reality, the universe at large, is that it is actually created by the interface of the sound projections and vibrations that are produced by each and every living thing. The universe is a sound produced reality. Even the apparent inanimate things may be living in their own way. They may not have the same type or level of consciousness that we do, but if they didn’t have some level of consciousness and organization, it’s hard for me to understand how they could exist in three-dimensional reality.

Now this voyage that I set out on so many years ago and still continue today has connected me to what is now termed quantum mechanics. If you want to make the bridge from the esoteric sciences to the so-called traditional sciences, that’s as good a first step as anything.

In quantum mechanics we talk about energy-as-information, that is, what can be termed the QED or quantum electro dynamics of quantum mechanics. It means observing an electron turned into a photon then turned back into an electron and again turned back into a photon. They keep changing states from an electron into a photon. What’s a photon? It’s a particle, no, it’s a wave, no, it’s a particle, no, it’s a wave. It’s one or the other or maybe it’s both or maybe it’s neither. But what it does is dip down, as it were, into the vacuum, the surrounding space between all things, that some might call “God” and bring back energy into this three-dimensional world. How do you treat it as a dynamism is the next question. My explanation is kind of simplistic here but you’ll get the idea.

What Allows for Historical Changes?

Moving to the practical side of life and the enormous upheavals in the last two hundred years some might raise the question of whether or not the base resonance of the universe is changing?

I agree that global events, nature and societies, are changing but not that the basic 7.83Hz has changed in terms of a person’s consciousness. Yet it is harder, in our times, for people to be in tune with the basic frequency. I would defy anyone to prove otherwise. Today’s story is that it’s harder for us to get in touch with and stay in tune with our basic harmony unless we consciously work with intent. I can’t emphasize that enough. That next step is what Swami Rama provides. To set the stage to achieve certain realities within our greater reality of the universe---that’s where meditation and mantras come in. These contributions keep us in resonance with our nature, stabilize us amidst the flux of the day, and allow for the new kinds of changes in our life that sustains the harmony of living.

Now it just so happens that we’re at a magical point in history. The earth is going through a natural decrease in its permeating magnetic field. In reality as explained through the perspective of quantum mechanics, it’s the magnetic field that holds everything in place, that keeps Nature relatively stable. From this point of view, all of reality can be viewed as the combination of two factors: the scale of electro magnetics or the charged fields define the natures of things while it’s the magnetic field that holds everything in together in place, that keeps things basically consistent over time.

What has been going on for the past century, however, is that the earth’s magnetic field is decreasing exponentially. My estimate is that sometime between the years 2011 to 2013, it will probably go through the zero-crossing point. Then the realm of reality as we know it is will undergo vast changes. There will always be reality but you will be entering a period of massive creativity. More than ever before in past centuries, it will be up to you to decide your life’s plan as we go into the next historical period of time. An unprecedented, colossal opportunity awaits us. It just underscores what Swami Rama asserts: you are the architect of your life, and you decide your destiny. Through your intent, through your yoga practices, through your confidence, through your capabilities of working with the tradition, you can affect the directions of life.

Reality is More in Your Hands Than You Think

Now, reality is a highly local phenomena starting at the center of each being. Your reality is the center of your awareness. Each and every one of you is a walking awareness. Whether we choose to work individually or collectively is up to us. If we band with like-minded people and focus our energies then our realities might be more than one consciousness or awareness in the same spot at the same time.

We are in magical times, like children discovering a wonderland, all of us. The old rules are changing. We are no longer stuck with things the way they are. Business as usual isn’t holding. The reason we’re seeing the changes in governments, in people’s communal efforts, the rebellions everywhere and the bigger rebellions in other places is because of this decrease in the magnetic field which allows more and more an opportunity to access the energy-as-information that defines their reality for them. Hopefully the new directions will be prompted from a higher, ethical consciousness for personal and communal benefits.

What Frequency is the Divine?

The other part of this, one of the things that we hear all the time from the pundits is that God is a higher frequency. I beg to differ. God is the zero point of all frequencies. Whether you are in harmony with life or not, the stillness within is God. The lower you go past delta, the closer you come to God. It’s your quieting ability to choose that stillness within yourself and contact your inner source that is divine. That inner source is the reality within each of us possesses by virtue of being at this location at this time in this three-dimensional reality on this planet, so forth and so on.

It’s simple. Rhythmic, balanced interchange of energies is the magic phrase, where you have a constant changing through the various states but always coming back to the God point. If a belief structure gets too rigid, people can’t accept the reality of wider, richer realities. They might assume that they are the only good guys. Their beliefs may even propose that they are at the God point, yet they’re a long way from the God point. Similar with the those that say, “Well there’s no God in my life. Everything is deep, dark and severe. Only the nether realms.” Neither attitude is touching God, not even what they perceive as “their God”. My point is that no matter where the pendulum is positioned unless it’s swinging for the zero point then it’s not crossing through the true creation to which we belong, the real divine in which we participate.

You are Truly More than You Can Be At Any Moment

Now, one last thought, The best part I can tell you is that you can do anything the sages have done before and you don’t even have to emulate them. All you have do is open yourself up to the fact that you can. The intent must be there. Because the only thing that keeps you from doing it is your own doubt, your own fear. It’s nothing more just trusting yourself. Allow it to happen to you. Sure you’re going to fall every now and then. So what? That’s when you pick yourself up and go on. The fact of the matter is that you can. You can pick up and go on. We all have the tools. Sometimes even the most intelligent of us forget and we fall into our own little wells of despair or cynicism in response to the things apparently going on around us. So we bemoan the fate of the endangered whale, the things we worry about as well as our dreams are from within us. When you can truly say that you’re connected from within then you have the right to make changes to the circumstances of the whale or any other creature but first you have to connect from within. Up to that point you’re nothing except a nuisance, a noisy nuisance achieving little, just getting in the way, and making yourself important just for your own sake.

But you can make change from within yourself, come into balance, be in tune with reality, and enact the changes where it’s important on the world level. Even though there’s only a couple dozen people that are truly capable of vast change on the planet at any given time, each one of us has the inner source to make the kind of changes in our environment that manifests the beneficial harmony.

Peter Kelly passed away in 2004

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