Know Yourself on All Levels

by Swami Rama

The simple method to enlightenment

is to first know yourself

There is only one real book

to study and learn from-

the greatest of all books-

and that is the very ;manuscript

that you, yourself, are.

Above all else, remember this one thing:

It is easy to meet that Infinity within you-

To attain that awareness,

You just have to be silent and quiet.

The best and deepest of the teachings

Is not communicated through books, speech or actions,

But through silence.

That special teaching is understood

Only when you are silent.

I am telling you to face this reality:

The path of enlightenment and unfoldment

Is not really so austere, abstruse, or difficult-

It’s actually very easy.

The easiest way to make progress

Is just to “know thyself”-

To accept and understand

Yourself on all levels.

Meditate, meditate, meditate.

That’s my message to you.

I am only a man messenger,

A child of the Himalayan sages.

I don’t claim any more than that.

I speak the wisdom

Which was sprinkled on me in my childhood.

I want you to be happy.

But remember this:

Happiness is never borrowed,

Never bought, never earned;

It’s already within you.

If you want to be happy

Go inside, deep down,

In the inner chamber of your being

And there you’ll find

Happiness lies in a state of silence.

Learn to practice that everyday.

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