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A mala is a string of 108 beads worn about the neck and used for counting repetitions of mantras and other spiritual practices. This number comes from multiplying the twelve astrological houses by the nine planets. Malas also have a “guru bead” with a tassel attached. It is a reminder of the spiritual teacher in our life as we do our practice. Lengths are approximate.

Aventurine—This beautiful light green stone is strung on dark green thread with a green tassel on the guru bead. This stone is said to enhance prosperity by reinforcing decisiveness and amplifying leadership. It also helps promote balance in the mind.  6mm bead, 30 inches long / $30.00
Aventurine $30.00
Carnelian—These lovely red-orange stones promote patience and self-confidence, individuality and creativity. The warm stones energize and remove depression while increasing patience and unfolding personal healing powers. It is said to also promote sexual energy. 7mm and 8mm bead, 32 inches long / $15.00 / 5mm bead, 27 inches long / $15.00
Carnelian 27in: $15.00
Carnelian 32in: $15.00
Hematite—This silver-colored stone is balancing, grounding, and calming. It is used to draw dissipated thoughts into logical, practical thinking. This is a “stone for the mind.” It dissolves negativity and also balances the yin-yang (male-female) energies. 6mm bead, 25 inches long $22.00
Hematite $22.00
Malachite—Malachite is a soothing stone. It is a soft green mineral formed from copper ores with various shades of silky green. It protects the young from harm, clears emotional imbalances and brings peace. It helps one let go of old patterns and memories, allowing new growth. 5mm bead, 26 inches long $15.00
Malachite 26in: $15.00
Pearl—Pearl is associated with the Goddess. It inspires creativity, attracts love, and promotes a happy marriage while being soothing and cooling. The translucent white stones symbolize purity, faith, charity, and innocence. It allows you to see yourself as others see you. 7mm bead, 30 inches long / $35.00
Pearl $35.00
Rudraksha—The Eyes of Shiva—the one who takes away all tears—are the main beads worn in the Himalayan Tradition for many centuries. They improve blood circulation and the functioning of the coronary system and reduce high blood pressure. 6mm bead, 26 inches long / $25.00
Rudraksha 26in beads: $25.00

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